Q. How do I apply for a job?

A. Our application process is entirely online. Click here to view our job openings and apply.

Q. How do I make changes to an application I already submitted?

A. You cannot make changes to a previously submitted application on your own; we’ve got to reset it to “incomplete” first. See below on how to contact us.

Q. I want to submit my application for multiple job openings, but I want to attach different cover letters. Is that possible without entering all my data into a new application?

A. Yes. Each time you submit an existing application for a different job opening, a new applicant record is created. Your previously submitted application remains unchanged. Example: You submit an application for Job A, attaching Job A’s cover letter. Later, you decide to apply for Job B but want to use all the information you already entered in the original application; however, you want to attach a different cover letter for Job B.

This IS possible by logging in and pulling up your application for Job A, uploading the new cover letter for Job B, and submitting this version of your application for Job B.  Clicking ‘submit’ will NOT overwrite or erase the data you already sent to Job A; it simply creates a duplicate record with the new attachment for Job B.

Q. How do I apply for an internship?

A. Internships are posted on our Job Openings page like any other job. The timing varies: some departments have regular openings and accept applications year-round, while others only hire interns sporadically. If there is an application deadline, it will be listed in the posting.

Q. Do you have internships for high school students?

A. Occasionally, but those are done in partnership with a specific program, school or community organization.  Our internships are primarily paid, professional-level training and experience geared towards working adults or college students. Some require that college-level credits be obtained simultaneously, others offer that as an option.

Q. How do I know when a job has been filled?

A. Our goal is to provide you with an update on your application status in a timely manner, as the process moves forward or – at the least – when the position has been filled. Hiring is one of the most important things we do, though, so it takes some time and can seem like a very long wait for applicants. We know – we’ve all been there!  Thanks for your patience.

Q. I saw a job posted on another website, but when I clicked on the link the APMG Careers page said, “Job No Longer Available”. Can I still apply?

A. Unfortunately, no. We remove job postings from our website for a few reasons:  1. The job has been filled.  2. We’re in the final stages of interviewing and are no longer accepting applicants. 3. We set an application deadline to help us manage the candidate process.  Or rarely, 4. The job is not being filled at this time (postponed or cancelled).There are a number of external websites that post our jobs – often robotically! We don’t have control over those sites and can’t guarantee that they are updated. This is why you may see one of our job postings elsewhere, even though it’s closed.

Q. How do I know if you received my application?

A. Did you get an automatic reply from us? If yes, then we received it!  If no – please check your spam filter. The reply comes from noreply@americanpublicmedia.org.

Q. What’s the best way to follow-up on my application?

A. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Tweet or direct message us – Twitter:  @APMGJobs  Facebook: APMGJobs
2. If you know someone in the company, you may wish to ask them for a referral.
3. If you don’t know someone in the company, you may wish to do some networking in your field, within professional networks or by tapping your personal networks. Connect with our employees on LinkedIn.
4. Connect with our recruiters on LinkedIn:

Sorry, but a general phone call to HR is not the best tactic. We hate being the HR “Black Hole” but we just don’t have the personnel/resources to return dozens of phone calls every day. Please see the above suggestions for a speedier response from HR.

Q. How important are cover letters? Do hiring managers actually read them?

A. Very important – and yes, we read them.
The field on our application for uploading your cover letter is *required*. That’s because we actually read them!  If you choose to upload your resume twice, or upload a one- or two-sentence note, it will not reflect well on your candidacy.
Conversely, a great cover letter will really impress us and your resume is bound to get a closer look. That’s free advice, straight from the recruiter!

Q. To whom should I address my cover letter?

A. You can address your cover letter to: “Dear Hiring Manager”.

Q. May I submit my resume in person or by email, rather than through your online system?

A. Please don’t. We track our applicants in an online database, so paper resumes end up creating a task for us (scan and upload).

If you are having difficulty with the online system or experiencing a glitch, let us know via one of the methods above.

Q. What is the best way to send audio files?

A. You are not required to submit audio samples, unless the job description explicitly requests them. Feel free to include a link to your online portfolio within your resume or cover letter. Audio files sent via email, or to one of the named recruiters, are unlikely to reach the hiring managers.