Team Marketplace: Kristina Lopez, Jeni Hatfield, Donna Tam, Meggan Ellingboe, Katie Long, Raghu Manavalan, Michelle Mencio, Hayley Hershman, Marcus Galamay


We have exciting news to report – Team KPCC finished in 3rd Place out of 24 teams at the 2016 Asian-American Journalists Association Trivia Bowl! Team Marketplace made a strong debut by breaking into the Top 10.  Just ahead of KPCC in the top 2 spots were the two teams from the Los Angeles Times. The Trivia Bowl tests knowledge on current events, science, history, geography, California, sports, pop culture, literature, and arts & entertainment. These were tough questions and obscure facts. APGM

The Trivia Bowl is the signature fundraising event of the AAJA, supporting students who pursue the journalism profession; providing increased training to Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists so they can be effective leaders for positive change in the industry with a commitment to diversity in the newsroom, and forging stronger ties within the AAPI communities.

We’d like to recognize the following KPCC team members for their hard-fought achievement, see image below. Thank you to those from Marketplace for coming out and building a foundation for future participation.

Team KPCC: Ben Bergman
Kevin Ferguson, James Kim, Sachi Kobayashi, Roy Lenn, Mary Marcus, Aaron Mendelson, Becca Murray, Quincy Surasmith, Maura Walz